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In the midst of the semi-isolation this past year, donning the same sweatshirt for 4 days straight wasn’t a big deal. Even if the posh and carefree fashion from the past seems like a distant memory, it shouldn’t stop us from embracing the hope of normalcy to return. Now this is not to put pressure on having that corporate look instantaneously. Rather, it’s to gradually bring back those smart and sharp vibes as you strut your way through those polished doors leading to your office desk.

The preparations of this smooth transition from working from home to facing the world anew goes beyond fashion. It’s not just about doing a wardrobe overhaul, which to me is such a challenge to face. Let’s not forget about the mindset that also needs revving up. Here are the ways to bid good-bye to lounging at home for work:

  1. Start getting up earlier than usual as if you need to include travelling to work on your schedule. I understand that there are a lot of issues involved in getting those zzzs, but a year of staying in one’s safe haven has made our lifestyles a bit sedentary. It’s time to set those alarms again.

  2. Begin considering external factors in choosing your fashion ensemble. When we were all working from home, our deciding factors involved our states of mind or more on the comfort it brings. We must remember that the clothes we wear influence our well being and productivity.

  3. Bring those blazers back. Yes! They are now back, so don’t stash them just yet. Be prepared to add them to your back to office wardrobe for your appointments at your favorite café, Let’s revive power dressing.

  4. For the ladies, practice walking on heels again. A year of opting for loafers and sneakers is understandable. As we anticipate going back to normalcy, it’s time to relearn how it feels to be “on top” of things. You can start with fitting on those pointy, 3 inch pumps to elevate your mind.

  5. Start trying on some clothes to check if you need to do some revamping or if you just need to freshen up your wardrobe. It’s always best to allot some preparation time for this to avoid some last minute trips to the boutique.

From having your morning coffee to wine o’ clock, dressing up is good for your mental well-being. Nothing beats looking at the best version of yourself day in and day out. According to studies, we become more competent whenever we put on a more business-like vibe. First impressions still leave a mark on every employer’s criteria list. If your 1st impression at work is a good one, it means the way you dress up reflects how you take a certain role seriously. Let’s bring back those pumps and trench coats as we welcome the hustle and bustle that once spiced up our weekday schedule… not to mention squeezing in line for those hotdog sandwiches in the usual to go bags that always brightens our busy life.

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