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Budget Tips for Great Style

Elegance doesn’t always equate to having expensive pieces. Upping the ante in having quality items does make heads turn, but you don’t have to splurge just to be consistently on-trend. It just takes a little cleverness and finesse to have that runway appeal regardless of the budget.

Searching for steals has always given me that adrenaline rush. Not to mention the similar effect it gives when creating fashion ensembles whilst factoring in slightly restrictive constraints. I never get tired of revamping or editing my fashion sense. I don’t think anyone does.

Here are some fashion hacks to snag that posh OOTDs:

1. Go for dark denim.

These lovelies won’t bore you out from dusk ‘till midnight. You just have to choose the right fit and cut to match your body type. Owning a few quality denim that won’t easily fade should be one of your must-haves. Dark fabrics also help hide a few flaws, so you can draw attention to your best assets.

2. Decide on your personal style early on.

Knowing what you like or don’t like in terms of personal tastes will save you money and time. Once we are able to identify our unique looks, the better we are able to avoid wasting our savings in purchasing items we might not wear again. We all have the non-negotiable getups that we always go back to during recharge moments. And that’s not bad to consider before hitting the shops.

3. Invest in quality handbags and make sure it isn’t fake.

This is not about logos. It’s about the material used how it’s designed to last for a long time. You also have to consider whether it is versatile enough to match any mood and look. I put a higher value on a purse that is able to accentuate my style from morning to cocktail time.

4. Give belts a chance.

It can do wonders in terms of symmetry and donning them gives the impression of someone who makes an effort to present themselves well. You can wear them with skirts and jeans, whether they have loops or not. Adding this accessory to a plain ensemble gives it an extra oomph.

5. One can never go wrong with neutrals.

Whether they are paired with vibrant patterns or as a standalone, they always achieve harmony. If you want to get that crisp and rich effect, have them together. Regardless of the items were gotten from a splurge or a steal, the appeal is still the same - sophistication at its finest.

6. Avoid ultra-high heels.

Elevating an outfit doesn’t have to be about height. If you can’t walk in them comfortably, which is almost always the case, then you end up looking distorted instead of sharp. Balance is important - figuratively and literally. You don’t want to risk tripping to that important appointment. Long necklaces or V necklines are a safer way as it gives the appearance of a heightened physique.

7. Learn to let go.

Practice control and never buy on impulse. Ask these questions before bringing out your wallet: Do I need it? Is it comfortable? And then you have the most important question among all - Can I afford it? If not, then you’re better off without it… for now.

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