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Executive Presence Strategist 

Personal Brand Development

With a presence and a passion that is larger than life, Bridgett Battles is a woman whose purpose knows no bounds. While she holds several professional titles, she is known for an immeasurable impact that cannot be defined. From transforming the images of highly successful women to igniting stages as a speaker, Bridgett immediately elevates every space—and life—that she steps into. 

As the executive presence strategist for executives and CEOs, Bridgett shows women how to develop a powerful presence. With an unmatched gift for introducing women to their highest potential, she has helped dozens of women to identify their signature style, which in turn, translates into their substantial income. Once Bridgett helps a woman to define her disruptive edge, her confidence skyrockets—and so does her bank account. Masterful at what she does, Bridgett can teach any woman to command a room with a feminine fierceness that leaves a mark on every room she enters. 

A sought-after authority on diversity and inclusion in fashion, Bridgett leads conversations on innovation, equity and empowerment as a keynote speaker and panelist. She also regularly lends her passion to nonprofits that share her commitment to coaching women to success.  

Born to fight battles, Bridgett is the epitome of resilience. Having bounced back better than before from every trial thrown her way, her life is a testimony to turning pain into promise. She pursues. She perseveres. She prospers—and she takes every woman she meets with her. 

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