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When it comes to executive presence, we are the leading consulting firm that entrepreneurs and executives turn to when they feel misalignment in their personal brand. Unlike other image consultants, our process is holistic – we work with the whole leader so that they experience a powerful shift in their presence, presentation and positioning that creates undeniable transformation in the lives of those they lead. Our process includes executive coaching, personal brand development and alignment, transformational image consulting and media, video and presentation training and development.
If you are ready to enter an experience that will transform your whole life, welcome to The BBExperience.

I have an undeniable eye for creating a presence that cannot be ignored. When you come into my space, your presence, personality and purpose will be transformed so that you can take your rightful place as the leader you were born to be.

Entrepreneur At The Point of Reinvention

Small Business Owners

Who you are right now:

You’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who has experienced some success in your business (you don’t like to toot your own horn, but beep, beep). People are starting to seek you out for the transformation you provide. You’re brilliant at what you do – there is no denying when you show up fully for your clients, their lives transform. You’re now realizing that you have a major disconnect. What you do and the level of transformation you provide isn’t obvious when people look at your presence on and offline. You’re feeling misaligned – who you say you are and how you look don’t compute. And you’re ready to bridge the gap because you know that if you don’t act now, your next level will be delayed.


What your biggest challenges tend to be:

You have a brand message to brand presence disconnect. Your clients tend to be surprised when you deliver excellence to them because well, let’s just say your website and other presence visuals are lack luster. You think that because you’re working from home, you can show up to client meetings in your yoga pants and there will be no repercussions to your brand. You struggle with being able to clearly articulate what makes you different and the obvious chose and it’s costing you clients who will pay for your higher end services. You’re finally clear that you are worth it and you’re tired of your brand’s presence not screaming from the rooftop what an encounter with you will do to your ideal client’s life. You’re ready to look as good in person as you know you are in your mind.


What you want instead:

You want your brand’s presence to speak for you. You want it to be obvious that an encounter with you is next level. You want to look, feel, speak and exude your brilliance in every way. You want your beauty and brilliance to reflect in every interaction from the moment they learn your name. You’re ready to take your brand’s presence to the next level and you’re ready to be, look, do and have all that you KNOW you deserve.


If you see yourself here, you have an unprecedented opportunity to enter

The BBExperience by application only.


Click the link below to be taken to our short application so that we can determine if you’re a good fit for our Reinvention Program. Click here

 Executive Ready to Up-Level Your Presence

 C-Suite Executives

Who you are right now:

By all accounts, you are running things. You made it to the c-suite on your gifts and talents and now you’re struggling with your executive presence (because you didn’t think you need presence, because you have talent.). You’ve realized that the finesse that should so easily come from you is lacking and it’s impacting your confidence and your team’s trust in your ability to lead them effectively to the company’s next level. You’re starting to question your judgement and that’s messing with your mindset. You never thought of yourself as a brand; and as a result you haven’t positioned yourself to be seen as the leader you know you can be.


What your biggest challenges tend to be:

You tend to not command full attention when you enter the meeting room, even though you’re the boss. You fear that you aren’t being taken seriously because what got you to the c-suite won’t keep you in the c-suite. You’re not playing the game of skill anymore, you need presence. You need the confidence to articulate the vision from a place of knowing that you’re the right leader for the job. You find yourself questioning if it’s too late to develop a powerful personal brand and executive presence, but you have to try there’s way too much at stake.


What you want instead:

You want to look, feel and act like you own it. Own your confidence, own your brand, own your role in the organization and own the right to lead your team to the next level. You are ready to bridge the gap between your skillsets and your presence so that there is no denying who you are, what you bring to the table and that you’re a leader worthy of being followed.


Through our Executive Elevation Program, we can help you to enhance your executive presence, strengthen the look, feel and presence of your personal brand, increase your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion all while looking like you own it. To apply for the only program you need to take your rightful place as an iconic leader in your organization click the link below.



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