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Fashion and Dating

Through the years, we’ve seen how dating has evolved. From the era of long courtships, of speed dating, and of left or right swiping, attraction has one common ground - our fashion sense. No wonder we painstakingly spend hours in preparation to decide on the perfect outfit for that 1st date. We want to show the best version of ourselves. And one way to do that is through the way we do our fashion ensembles. Making that effort to look good for someone shows the amount of value you have for that person, which for me would be flattering. As one’s fashion sense should not be a deal-breaker of whether a relationship should last long or not, it’s all a matter of getting your foot in the door for that second date.

It’s post-pandemic season and we are slowly transitioning from FaceTime dates to the usual coffee meet-ups. We can now bid goodbye to rely on sluggish internet connections for face reveals. Although online dating is still considered, we can learn from studies and polls done regarding how to get the most invites. It was found out that the large influx of inbox messages goes to people who mention that they love fashion or that they love dressing up. From that, we can confirm the correlation of fashion and dating. We may hear stories of couples adoring each other regardless of the messy buns and sweats. That may seem true, but we also have to consider the obstacles of getting past that 1st date. You and I can agree that we don’t sport those overworn trousers during those special rendezvous.

Let’s look at the reasons where fashion sense plays an important role in dating.

1. Dressing well makes one look more optimistic.

Who would want to invest their time with someone who looks like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders? With all the drama that’s happening around, we all want that feeling of lightness and freshness - probably that sense of tranquility. Donning those neutral tops combined with the typical light blue denims on a coffee date gives off that homey and relaxed vibe. Making that good impression doesn’t necessarily coincide with having that high impact style.

2. Consider what works for your significant other once in a while.

We may be inclined to go for our personal outfit choices as a form of self-expression, but it wouldn’t hurt to consider wearing something our lovies may find irresistible. If they dig you in pastels and you’re more of the emo vibe, try matching a dark basic top with a light-colored flowing skirt.

3. Knowing how to hide your flaws is a fashion skill.

It isn’t about not having confidence in ourselves, rather it’s drawing attention to our best assets while camouflaging the not-so-best areas. The less worry we have about our body issues, the better we are at striking those impacting conversations that will leave people mystified and eager to squeeze themselves into your next free time.

Both fashion and dating are intertwined and will continue to evolve, but a few basic rules will still apply. It’s all about finding that perfect match.

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