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Whenever we speak about the fashion world, we think about the runways in Milan filled with all the beautiful people oozing with that “it” factor. From the way they command the platform, the way they flip their hair, up until they make that last glance before they head backstage, one cannot help but be left in awe and mesmerized.

Now let’s bring that vibe in the corporate setting. Board meetings, business functions, or even company galas are just some of those gatherings where all the who’s who in the organization make their mark. EP, otherwise known as Executive Presence, plays an important role in this type of fellowship. All leaders have it, or should I say need it. If you want some promising results in your career, then you might want to harness its power and benefits.

Executive presence is about commanding magnificence and inspiration to your audience. It’s subliminally inspiring them to recognize you as the leader that they should follow. It’s also emulating to your superiors that greatness follows you everywhere you go and that success is something second nature to you.

It’s still somewhat a mystery to most. Others may be lucky to have this natural flair, although EP isn’t necessarily something one is born with. EP can also be developed with experience and awareness. From dressing appropriately, to knowing what to say, when to say things, and even how to say things… it’s a collection of how one communicates and establishes themselves in various settings.

That being said, here are the reasons why executive presence is essential to all, be it to executives and entrepreneurs.

1. It makes people take you seriously.

The way one talks and handles oneself is considered a reflection of one’s commitment. Everyone wants to be with a leader who exudes authenticity. Researches show that those with executive presence have this magnetic pull to people and it won’t take too much persuasion to convince the audience to go for a particular directive.

2. It draws more opportunities in your grasp.

In reality, most decisions of the upper echelons in the organization are made when you are not around. And that becomes more apparent, especially when the committee or the organization needs to make critical choices. How you are able to convince your seniors to play a role in opening the doors or avenues toward your success.

3. It increases productivity.

One of the reasons tasks are completed later than usual is indecisiveness. The latter is also a result of certain trust issues in the organization. Executive presence helps establish the credibility a committee needs given the short amount of time available. Someone has to give that push or that so-called “battle cry” to encourage everyone to get the job done.

One can fast-track themselves in developing their executive presence by intentionally practicing it. It’s like embodying something until it meshes with your identity. If you want to get ahead in life, then I strongly suggest you get a mentor or coach to help you in this aspect. Remember that in leadership, we follow people not because of their expertise but on how they make us feel.

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