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Get Your Money Off the Table

Reality Check! We don’t live in a perfect world. As much as we want to agree that talent and performance are all that matters, we are certainly being judged by our appearance. Your brand and ALL brands are simply perceptions and apparently, people believe what they see. “If they think you look successful, in their eyes, you are successful.” Well, what’s on the inside matters but it’s hard for people to get there if they can’t get past the outside.

As a style and image strategist for executives and CEOs, I’ve shown women how to develop a powerful presence by helping them identify their signature style, which in turn, translates into a substantial income.

Achieving a polished look does take time and a bit of money. I’m not totally saying you need to go out and spend loads of money on the perfect wardrobe but in order to “Dress for Success,” you have to get your money off the table.

Clothes are a fun tool that you can use to define your edge and get what you want. It boosts your confidence and, as most studies have proven, so does your bank account. But how?

Uplift Self-esteem & Confidence = Improved Performance & Social Skills

Studies show that physical attractiveness helps a person’s confidence to develop money-earning social skills. Nice clothes that flatter you matter. We tend to behave according to how we are dressed, creating a Placebo Effect. “When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen.”

First Impression Matters

More studies confirm that being well dressed affects the first impression dramatically making more people want to be around you, either personally or professionally. It makes you look upright and credible, consequently, you’re more likely to receive help from strangers, get a job after having interviewed, and rated higher on your job performances.

Wearing something that creates an interesting point makes you stand out, however, dressing “too sexy” can make women seem less competent. The key is to balance professionalism with feminist and general “attractiveness.”

According to, women wearing a designer piece get a positive response rate of 52% versus 13% from non-designer wearing gals. Sporting designer clothes when soliciting for charity resulted in twice as many contributions.

Gain The Upper Hand in Negotiations

Michael Kraus, a professor at the Yale School of Management, studied the connection between clothing and financial advantage in negotiations in 2014 when he paired men in suits against peers in sweatpants and flip flops in a mock real estate sale negotiation. Those dressed in sweatpants and sandals only averaged $680,000 in theoretical profit, the group dressed neutrally averaged $1.58 million, while those dressed in suits collected an average profit of $2.1 million. It showed that poorly dressed participants felt nervous and deferred to the suited ones, while the suited participants could sense this heightened respect so they behaved more dominantly, compromised less, and were more effective.

More Profitable Deals

How you dress doesn’t only build perceived trust and credibility. It also communicates respect for those you’re meeting with. It tells them that they were important enough to dress up for and gives them the impression to take you seriously. “Birds of the same feather flock together.” For being well-dressed, it can lead to more networking relationships and business opportunities. Moreover, in a business context, people are willing to pay much more for your services before even uttering a word about their fees because how you dress gives them a perception of how much your brand is worth.

Better Shot at Promotions

As the famous line says “If you want to be promoted into a certain position, make sure you look like the people in that position.” Dress the job you would like, not the job you have. According to Cheryl E. Palmer, a career coach, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt every day does not make most people think that one is ready for management. Though it doesn’t guarantee you a promotion, it does carry some weight in the process.

“Dressing well to improve your life isn’t about pretending to be successful. It’s about giving yourself a kick start to become actually successful.” Attractive, quality clothes can change your life. Invest in some designer clothes and it may actually make you enough money to afford them on a regular basis. Put in a healthier budget and choose the right pieces. Find your signature style and be aware of how you put yourself together in a way that looks good, is appropriate for your workspace, and flatters your body type. In that way, it’s going to be worth every penny.

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