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Food Fashion: The Healthy Way of Art Appreciation

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Seeing A-list celebrities wearing food-inspired dresses can surely make us all hungry. From Kendall and Kylie Jenner to Rihanna, Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and so many famous stars who took the risk dressing up in their favorite meal or fruit, we absolutely got entertained and left craving. Food-inspired outfits may seem ridiculous but it is not at all about fashion and being at the center of attention.

For instance, Lady Gaga’s 2010 MTV VMA’s meat dress was undeniably iconic not to mention that it made rounds in social media for its loud design and style. Lady Gaga has always been eccentric when it comes to her choice of fashion. She is not one of those who blends with the crowd. She is one to standout. Although her meat dress was unconventional and certainly unorthodox it created an impact and reminded us all of a very important lesson—to denounce discrimination based on gender. For others, it could also mean differently, like being mindful of one’s health. Her dress could mean a thousand cause and that is all that matters—delivering the message to everyone’s doorstep.

If you are not given a voice to speak for your cause, then wear it. Fashion is very effective in getting your message across continents and seas. The unpredictable nature of fashion makes it the perfect platform to promote awareness or to build a purpose.

Most people view external appearance as a very important aspect in a person’s life. The self-esteem, positive attitude and physical beauty are highly connected to a person’s appearance. It could also be a source of one’s inferiorities and sufferings. We always hear people complain that they had to go on extreme diet regimen just to be able to wear the dresses they want. Many dresses are actually designed for those who have fit or smaller body-frames. Those who have thick body-types and those who are categorized as plus-sized have a hard time looking for a dress that fits. Hence, they resort to dangerous weight loss routines. Some become bulimic. Many have drastically lost weight and looked unhealthy and weak. These people disregard the importance of food just so they can fit-in to a dress they think can give them that amount of self-confidence or can provide them some ray of positivity.

It is about time that such notion has to stop. The idea of skipping meals, starving and making yourself suffer should not be entertained. Everyone can be fit. Each one can wear attention-grabbing dresses; feel sexy about themselves and be confidently beautiful without having to deprive themselves of the food that they deserve. Fashion and food are interconnected. If you want to wear size 3 or 4 dresses, you can empower yourself by eating healthy and nutritious food. Fashion must promote health by taking into considerations what we eat, Fashion must be used as a medium to promote healthy eating and the benefits of food into our lives.

Many fashion-creators are now taking inspiration from all types of foods in order to design their collections. They make outfits based from comfort foods, fruits, healthy foods and meat among others. Fabrics that are transformed into beautiful dresses can also be derived from foods may it be fruits, vegetables or meat. All these are done for a purpose. It could mean that just like the food we eat, fashion is also a universal commodity intended for everybody.

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