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Diversity and Fashion

Fashion is a universal expression. It can be a language that bridges peoples of the world; may be an art impression that tells stories of people from diverse backgrounds. Fashion in general is a definition of human experience. Did you know that it has the ability to help with transcending the Diversity Divide? Fashion has the ability to pull people together. It carries immense power that is often times underestimated because of the many misconceptions people have about the fashion industry.

In reality, Fashion is one of the few silent champions that help built the foundation of unity amongst nations. Despite cultural polarity that exists all around the world, fashion is able to tie the gaps that outplay beyond our cultures. For this reason alone, it is already considered a global weapon that can either divide or unify realms.

If only we are able to perceive fashion beyond what our naked eyes can see, we will be able to appreciate the amount of power and influence it has to each of us. We are donning it every day whether to just simply have something to cover ourselves or to make ourselves feel good. We dress up to express and impress and through the years, we have seen how times have changed and fashion has remained—constantly reminding us that it can adopt to different periods of time.

If change is the only constant thing in this world, then fashion must be its offspring. It possesses such remarkable persistence that even centuries passed, it is capable of being relevant. Imagine the classic fashion statements continuously appearing in the present timeline charming people of its pronounced elegance. Is it not amazing to see 80’s look or 90’s style blending with modern-day fashion? Fashion is the only thing that doesn’t recognize the concept of time. It doesn’t grow old, it just becomes a classic. It is not futuristic nor plain, but just significant.

It is important that we know how vital Fashion is for all of us. Not only because it keeps us warm but also since it gives us the personality and identity that identify us as a person and as one nation. We can all be identified by our customs and styles. Our fabric is the skin of our race. Through our textile we introduce ourselves to the rest of the world that we may build relationships. It is by way of our clothing that we share our tradition and open our doors for international camaraderie. Fashion to others may be a generic idea that may mean no more than glitz and glamour, but to those who understood its essence, fashion is the receptacle that binds the history of humankind. Not only it preserves many histories, it also fights for those who are restrained. The prints across every shirt, the symbolism printed on every garment, the choice of colors and even the cuts and folds, are all expressions of those who want to make a stand and help the world become a better place.

We create so that we may live peacefully. As we translate our thoughts into words, lyrics, weapons and style, we are reminded of the endless chances accorded to us in order to rebuild the world as one.

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